Short Questions with Answers of ‘The Cherry Orchard’ by Anton Chekhov.


Here, I have updated the cherry orchard questions and answers. If you have any question about the drama The Cherry Orchard, please ask in the comments. Nazar Bazmi’s Notes

What are the sounds with which the cherry orchard ends?

The drama The Cherry Orchard ends with the sounds of ax falling on the trees.

What is the significance of the axes falling in ‘The Cherry Orchard’?

The significance of axes falling in ‘The Cherry Orchard’ is that it shows the end of cherry orchard. And end of feudalism and rise of capitalism.

What does Yepikhodov carry with him all the times?

Yepikhodov carry with him a revolver all the times. Just in case to kill oneself.

Why does Madame Ranevsky suffer much?

Madame Ranevsky suffer much in the Cherry Orchard. Because, of her luxurious life, her generosity, her refusal to accept capitalism. And also, her refusal to accept the truth of her past love.

Give a brief estimate of Yasha.

Yasha is grandson of Firs and a young man servant of Madame Ranevsky. He traveled to France and came back to Russia with Ranevsky. He exploits Dunyasha’s love for physical pleasure and he is very fond of cigar.

What does Charlotta’s character represent in “The Cherry Orchard”?

Charlotta Ivanovna is the governess to Anya. She is comedian, performing magic tricks and mocking their preoccupations which around her.

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