Web hosting in Pakistan Plans and Prices

Web hosting in Pakistan

Do you know web hosting in Pakistan is not new. In Pakistan there are several web hosting companies. Like, Hostbreak.pk, Xmarthost, Skyhost, Servercraze.com, Hostnext.net, Doctorhoster.com, Webhoster.pk, Rabhost.com, Hostcry.com etc.

9 Web Hosting sites in Pakistan Plans and Prices

1. Hostbreak.pk

PricePKR 250/mo.PKR 300/mo.PKR 375/mo.
Budget Hosting

Hostbreak.pk provides three main types of hosting. First one is Web hosting, second one is Ecommerce hosting and third one is CMS hosting. The web hosting includes budget hosting, business hosting, NodeJS hosting, ASP.NET hosting and .NET hosting. Here our concern is web hosting and we have provided above only few Budget hosting plans. To see more plans and purchase hosting visit website below

Web Hosting in Pakistan Hostbreak.com

Payment method: Easypaisa, JazzCash, Meezan bank, MCB, HBL, Bank Alfallah, Credit/Debit Card and PayPal

2. Xmarthost

PriceRs 1121/yr.Rs 1795/yr.Rs 2245/yr.Rs 5976/Mo
Shared Hosting

Xmarthost.com provides three main types of hosting. The first one is shared hosting, second one PBN hosting and third one reseller hosting. Each type of hosting has its plans and prices. Here above we have provided only few shared hosting plans. For more web hosting plans click website link below

Payment method: Easypaisa, JazzCash, Upaisa, UBL, HBL, Visa, American Express, Skrill, Omni, Master Card and PayPal

3. Skyhost

PricePKR 5500/yr.PKR 7000/yr.PKR 8500/yr.PKR 10500/yr.
Windows Web Hosting

Skyhost.pk provides three types of hosting. First one Web hosting, second Corporate hosting and third one WordPress hosting. Web hosting includes Unlimited hosting, Windows hosting, Reseller hosting-cPanel and Window reseller-Plesk. We have provided only Windows hosting plans above. Click on website button below for more plans and prices

Payment method: Easypaisa, MobiCash, UBL, Visa, Master Card and PayPal

4. Servercraze.com

Price£ 3.49/mo.£ 4.99/mo.£ 7.99/mo.
cPanel Web Hosting

Serercraze.com divided hosting in two main categories. First one is Web hosting and second one Reseller hosting. Web hosting includes cPanel web hosting, Direct Admin web hosting, Premium hosting and WordPress hosting. We have shown only cPanel web hosting plans above. To see more plans and purchase hosting visit below website

Payment method: JazzCash, Visa, web money, perfect money, BINANCE, Master Card and PayPal

5. Hostnext.net

Price$ 1.49/mo.$ 1.89/mo.$ 2.49/mo.$ 3.99/mo.
cPanel Web Hosting

Hostnext.net provided three kinds of Web hosting. First one is cPanel Web Hosting, second one Unlimited Web Hosting and third one Business Web Hosting. Here we have shown only cPanel Web Hosting plans and prices. For more web hosting plans and prices click on website button below

Payment method: Bank Alfallah, Standard Charted

6. Doctorhoster.com

PricePKR 425/3moPKR 750/3moPKR 975/3moPKR 1100/3mo
Shared Hosting

Docterhoster.com divided web hosting in to four categories. First one is Shared Hosting, second Windows Hosting, third Business Hosting and fourth Reseller Hosting. Above we have shown only Shared Hosting plans and prices. To see more Web Hosting plans and prices visit website below

Payment method: Credit Card

7. Webhoster.pk

PricePKR 250/moPKR 300/moPKR 400/moPKR 500/mo
Budget Hosting

Webhoster.pk provided three main hosting categories. Web Hosting, CMS Hosting and E-Commerce Hosting. The Web Hosting includes Budget Hosting, Business Hosting, PHP/Node.JS Hosting and Windows Hosting. Above we have shown Budget Hosting plans and prices only. For more web hosting plans and prices click on below button

Payment method: Credit/Debit Card, Easypaisa, JazzCash, Meezan Bank, UBL and PayPal.

8. Rabhost.com

PricePKR 750/yrPKR 1150/yrPKR 1450/yrPKR 2250/yr
Cheap web Hosting Plan

Rabhost.com divided hosting in to six categories. Cheap Web hosting, Unlimited Web Hosting, Secure Hosting, Email Hosting, Cheap Window Hosting and Unlimited Windows Hosting. Here we have shown above only Cheap Web Hosting plans and prices only. To see more web hosting plans and prices visit below

Payment method: Credit/debit Card, Easypaisa, JazzCash, UBL and Bank Transfer.

9. Hostcry.com

PricePKR 99/moPKR 299/moPKR 450/mo
WordPress Hosting Plan

Hostcry.com provides only WordPress hosting plans as shown above. For more Web Hosting plans and prices Hostcry.com below

Web Hosting Characteristics

Uptime: Up time is the availability of your website on the internet. That should be near hundred percent “100%”. The opposite is Down Time that website is not available on net or to user.

Hard disk storage: Hard disk storage or cloud storage is used to store a website and its components.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth means an amount of data transfer from your website to users in a specific time like 30GB, 50GB or unlimited bandwidth.

Number of websites per hosting: Web hosting companies provide different plans. It may offer only one website per hosting or may be two, three or multiple number of websites.

Note: Read web hosting characteristics carefully because these four characteristics are important for your website.

What is web hosting and how does it work?

Web hosting is like a store. Where you put your things in a specific place of a specific volume. For example, you cannot put a big thing in a small place that is not enough for that thing. Whether, you will put a thing in that place which is enough for the thing. The free space for a thing is beneficiary because you can add more things in future.

A web hosting is a computer connected with net all the time. And have specific storage capacity that a customer purchases. When you purchased a web hosting plan. Actually, you purchased memory and all the time internet service (People from whole world access your website through internet). Then you need to upload or create your website in that memory. Before this you also need to purchase Domain name. Domain name works as your website identity.

Most of the web hosting companies also provides you. Free SSL certificate, WordPress installation, sub domains, database, control panel, email accounts, live support and many more.

Do you Know what is a Domain name?

Domain name is the name of your website on the internet. But it is not the same as title of the website. For example “nazarbazmi.com” is a domain name. And Nazar Bazmi’s Notes is the title of the same website. Domain name has an extension like .com .org  .net .pk etc.

What is a URL?

A URL is a website address and website’s content address like https://nazarbazmi.com is a website URL or address. And https://nazarbazmi.com/short-questions-and-answers-of-linguistics/ is a website’s content URL or address.

Web hosting in Pakistan with easy payment method

Easy payment method means where customers can pay hosting bills easily. Most of the young people have not any bank account. So, they are unable to have a Credit or Visa Card from where they can pay bills (Web hosting in Pakistan). An easy method to pay bills is JazzCash, Easypaisa, Upaisa and Omni etc. You can pay bills/invoice (Web hosting invoice) through JazzCash, Easypaisa, Upaisa and Omni retailers.

Cheap web hosting in Pakistan

Doctorhoster Rs 430 for Three Months

Xmarthost Rs 1121 for One Year

Hostbreak Rs 250 for One Month

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