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What is the significance of river Congo in Heart of Darkness?

In the novel Heart of Darkness the protagonist Marlow travels through the river Congo to the center of the continent and return back. Congo River represents the movement towards the goal.

What is the significance of the “two knitting women” in the novel ‘Heart of Darkness’?

The women knitting with three threads present the goddess of fates and in Greek mythology; in the underworld fate of a man is made by three threads. Three threads represent the happiness, sadness and death.

What is the significance of painting made by Kurtz?

Painting shows “A woman bearing a torch but her eyes was covered with cloth”. It represents the blind believe, Marlow’s thoughts and uncivilized behavior of Europeans who are civilizing the Africans.

Explain the theme of darkness used by Joseph Conrad?

The theme of darkness by Joseph Conrad in this novel is major theme that the colonizers think the black people, their continent and society as darkness. Conrad gives the name heart of darkness to this place. On the other hand the real behavior of colonizers presents the darkness.

Was Marlow Truthful?

Marlow was not truthful completely because at the end of the novel he told that he had no company’s letters and no other letters to the relatives of Kurtz. He told lie to fiancé of Kurtz also.

Do you experience the theme of duality in the novel “Heart of Darkness”?

The theme of imperialism itself base on duality, character of Kurtz and Marlow’s character are examples of duality.

Why does Kurtz give Marlow papers before he dies?

Kurtz gives papers to Marlow for safe custody before his death because he trusts on him and he worried that manager will get control of his heritage.

Is there any element of religion in the novel?

Yes there are many elements of religion in the novel. Kurtz was worshiped as a god, death of Kurtz and believe in superstitions like soul of boiler and ship’s horn.

What happened to Fresleven, one of the company’s captains?

Fresleven one of the company’s captain was murdered by a tribal chieftain when he quarreled on the matter of hens.

When he is on the boat, who does Marlow overhear speaking about Kurtz?

Marlow is when on the boat, he overhears the manager and his uncle speaking about the Kurtz.


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