Short Answers of Ruskin’s Essays

Is Ruskin a social reformer?

Ruskin is an art critic, social critic and social reformer. In his essay ‘Work’ he criticizes the industrialization and class differences.

What is the theme of Ruskin’s essay “Work”?

Effect of industrialization on human and class differences is the main theme of Ruskin’s essay “Work”.

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing in straightforward language about a particular topic or subject. Normally writer makes his point of view, evaluate, analyze or criticize a topic or subject. Essay can be divided into two types formal and informal essays.For example: Ruskin’s Essays and Lamb’s Essays.

What are four qualities of a child’s character, according to Ruskin?

According to Ruskin the qualities of a child’s character are faithfulness, lovingness, modesty and cheerfulness. He said that a man having these qualities can enter into the kingdom of God.

How is Ruskin a social reformer?

Ruskin is a social reformer because he criticized the class differences, exploitation of labour and negative effects of industrialization on a common man.

Differentiate between wise work and foolish work as described in Ruskin’s essay “Work”?

In Ruskin’s essay “Work” the wise work means the sensible work or work which enforce law of God and the foolish work is non-sensible and against the God.


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