The Judgment by Franz Kafka Questions with Short Answers

Introduction: The Judgment by Franz Kafka Questions with Short Answers includes important questions, character sketches, symbols and short story analysis with explanations.

What is the significance of the title “The Judgment” by Frantz Kafka?

It is a psychological story, and the theme of judgment is the central theme of this story. So, the title ‘The Judgment’ is fit for this story.

What contextual clues enable us to draw logical conclusions from the story “The Judgment”?

The judgment of George about his friend who fled to Russia and his father. The decision of George’s father about his son and his son’s friend. And the most crucial judgment passed by his father, “I sentence you now to death by drowning.”

Why the short story “The Judgment” is universal regarding its applications?

Most of the events in this story are common in almost all the societies in the world. So, the short story “the judgment” is universal in terms of its application.

How did George do in ‘The Judgment; by Kafka?

George’s all judgments were proved wrong by his father. So, George has implemented the punishment that his father sentences him.

George wrote a letter to whom and why?

George wrote a letter to his friend who fled to Russia because he was dissatisfied with his prospects at home.

What does George want to tell his friend in his letter to St. Petersburg, Russia?

George wrote to his friend that he had engaged with Fraulein Frieda Brandenfeld.

Why George visited his father?

George has visited his father to ask him if I want to send a letter to his friend informing him about my engagement to Fraulein Frieda Brandenfeld.

How is “The Judgment” symbolically presented?

The Judgment symbolically presented the socio-economic changes and generation gap during world war I.

What are the major symbols in ‘The Judgment’?

The major symbols are as bellow:

George symbolizes the new generation and new economic trade strategies. He is socially weak.

George’s father symbolizes the old generation and old trade strategies. He is socially robust.

The death of George symbolizes destruction as the result of the clash between generations.

George’s friend symbolizes the link between the new and the old generations.

Who is a George Bendemann?

George Bendemann is a young merchant and the protagonist of the short story ‘The Judgment.

Who is Fräulein Frieda Brandenfeld?

Fräulein Frieda Brandenfeld is a fiancé of George, and she is from a well-to-do family.

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